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Bicadeideias, which means fountain of ideas, is about ideas turned into projects and passions that move me. One of those passions is animals. A few years ago on a dusty road in the south west of Spain an encounter between myself, a baby boar, and a pointy-eared hunting dog touched my heart to such an extent it led to my first storybook for children called Djabali´s Journey. Since then I have written more stories, taken online creative writing courses and fallen in love with haiku poetry.

In November last year I published an anthology of pig haiku. Proceeds from Hog Wild are going towards Farms Not Factories, a charity in the UK. I am currently working on a couple of children´s stories and a new haiku anthology in celebration of the Year of the Rat. When I am not writing or creating, I enjoy walking, composing electronic music, and looking after my adopted street dogs, cats, and other animals.

For more information about me and my projects, including book trailers, haiku music, videos, haiga and photo haiku, I invite you to visit the other pages on this site. My books are for sale directly through me and this website. 

Latest News

Rattled, a compilation of mice and rat haiku published by Bicadeideias has arrived!

Corine Timmer

Corine Timmer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and a diploma in interior design. She was active in the world of interiors until a road trip to Spain in 2014 re-awakened her passion for writing and in 2018 she self-published her first children’s storybook. In the same year it won a Mom’s Choice Award. Haiku crossed her path by accident in 2015 and she’s been hooked ever since.

Corine´s poems have been published in various renowned print and web haiku journals and anthologies, including Frogpond, Modern Haiku, and Blithe Spirit.  In 2017, 2018, and 2019 she won awards for her haiku, haiga and photo haiku. She lives in the countryside in the South of Portugal with her adopted street dogs and other animals. In February 2019 she became a "street eye" for StreetLife. StreetLife started in September 2017 as an initiative from a group of animal lovers who want to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in the east Algarve through a programme of sterilisations.

Corine is a member of ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors), SCBWI (Society of Children´s Books Writers and Illustrators), and the British and American Haiku Societies. She is most active on Facebook, Pinterest, and SoundCloud.