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Rattled Haiku Update

The selection process for Rattled Haiku has been delayed by about two weeks. Participating poets will be notified. 

Thank you for your patience.

Rattled 2020 

Submissions in May and June

The rat is the first in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. Chinese zodiacs are also linked to five elements — metal, wood, water, fire and earth. When I learned that 2020 is a year of the metal rat, APOPO’s HeroRATs popped to mind. HeroRATs are African giant pouched rats (Cricetomys Ansorgei) trained to find landmines and good at it.

Those of you who are familiar with my previous publications in the Chinese zodiac series, know that I choose a charity each year to send the proceeds to. When I searched for a rat charity online, the first link I clicked on was APOPO. I looked no further! Some things are meant to be.

APOPO is a registered charity well known for their HeroRATs. For 20 years APOPO’s scent detection rats have been detecting landmines and tuberculosis. How cool is that!

Though the rat has long been associated with keen and quick intelligence it generally has a bad reputation. My aim with this anthology is to present the rat in a more positive or at least wholesome light. 

Submission Guidelines

Write your mouse or rat themed poems (no more than 3 haiku) in the body of the email and include your name, email address, and city and country of residence. Two poems can be previously published. At least one should be unpublished. Kindly provide credits. You should all receive a confirmation email. If your work is selected, you will receive a second email at the end of July. As these are small anthologies inclusion is not guaranteed. The publisher will retain the right to publish and republish the anthologies in print, ebook, and PDF formats. All poems remain the property of the contributors. Contributing poets can purchase a copy at cost price (usually between €6 and €10 including postage). Send your submission to [email protected] and put the title of the anthology (Rattled) plus your name in the subject line. The deadline is 1 July.

Hog Wild 2019


2019 is a year of the pig in the Chinese Zodiac. To put pigs in the spotlight, Bicadeideias will be publishing a pig haiku anthology in October 2019. The aim is to make it suitable for children and adults alike. It will include artwork. Proceeds will go to Farms Not Factories in the UK—a non-profit organization campaigning to support the “Food Sovereignty” Donations are welcome.

Barking Mad 2018


2018 is a year of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac. To put dogs in the spotlight, Bicadeideias will be publishing a dog haiku anthology in October 2018.

Bicadeideias is a tiny publisher situated in Portugal.