Bica is the name used in Portugal and Madeira for a coffee that is similar to an espresso but longer than its Italian counterpart. There as many variations such as bica curta (like an italian espresso-short), bica pingada (with bit of milk), bica cheia (long/full), bica dupla (double).

The name bica originates from the way the coffee flows, falling from the espresso machine to the cup on the tray, an analogy with a water spring or fountain or spout all of which can also be called bica in Portuguese.

photo: bicadeideias

Bom dia! queria um café, por favor.

Bica café

Welcome to the Bica café. Your virtual cup of coffee :)

In Portugal many people do not have a fancy coffee machine in their house (though Nespresso is gaining popularity) but coffee is everywhere else in Portugal. Every pastry bar, café, bar, and restaurant. It is over coffee that discussions and debates take place about football, politics, love, family, philosophy, poetry, music and every other topic that jumps to mind. The coffee is very affordable and part of most peoples daily ritual.

If all this talk about coffee is making you smell the beans and run to the nearest café

or espresso machine, you are a fan(atic) like me.