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Book Review Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman

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http://Hansel and GretelHansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman
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Whenever I see work by Lorenzo Mattotti it stops me in my tracks. This cover is no exception. Some years ago my interest in fairytales was reborn. As a young child, I found some of them quite scary. It’s wonderful to step back into the world of fairytales as an adult. Some of them are being reinvented whereas others, like this book, stay true to the original stories. Everything about this book oozes quality. The writing is good and the (dark) illustrations are amazing. They add mood and depth to the story. The factual back matter is a welcome bonus. I loved it!

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I am thrilled :D that Djabali and I have been awarded Silver by Mom´s Choice Awards.

Author School Visit KSI Algarve

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Yesterday I had my first school visit at KSI Algarve, in Olhão. Writing can be a solitary business so it was fantastic to read my storybook to the children and get their feedback. I read the whole story and we had time for discussion afterwards. The children were enthusiastic and asked interesting questions. As an extra activity I took two puzzles of illustrations from the story—one more diffcult than the other. As the children´s age range is 6-11, it was perfect. They worked in two groups and finished the puzzles! The time passed so fast that I had to rush in the end to sign books. I would like to thank the teachers, Joana and Aoife, for their warm welcome and their help with my slide show and materials. I hope my presentation added value. A special thanks to the two young ladies who greeted me and helped me carry my things up to the classroom. Lastly, I thank the parents for buying a book. May it give them and their (child)ren much reading pleasure. I look forward to a follow-up visit during which I can talk about story writing.

Radio Interview Djabali´s Journey

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Djabali´s Journey - Radio Interview

Drumroll please  . . . for reaching another checkpoint—THE RADIO INTERVIEW. YAY! I will be interviewed by Simon Frater on KISS FM on 14 March at 09.40.